This article shows how to take screenshots in general and also gives special methods which are excel specific.

Sometimes for presentation purposes, you only want to pin-point certain areas in your excel spreadsheet, especially when you have a huge spreadsheet with loads of tabs. You can do this by taking images of your relevant tabs. And then you can place these images into:
1) Microsoft word
2) Microsoft Paint
3) Email Messages (Like Microsoft outlook, Lotus Notes etc.)

To take an image you can use the following options:

1) Screenshots
You can simply take a screen shot of relevant tabs and save them as an image. To capture the screen, just press the print screen (PrtScn) key. Use ALT + PrtScn to take a screenshot of just the active window.
To save it as an image open Microsoft paint and just paste it(ctrl+V). You can save this image using File and then “Save as” option. Just a word of caution, when you take a screenshot, you don’t need to use the “Copy” command…..Print screen key does that job for us.

If you wish to edit your screenshot, like you want to highlight some regions using colors or rectangles then you can do so using the different icons on the MS paint toolbar. If you want to cut some irrelevant region you can do that using the rectangular icon with dashes. Just hit it once to choose it and then if you move it over the area it will let you highlight the required region. Once you have done the selection, just right click and select cut, then under the “File” menu, select New… will ask you if you would like to save that file, just hit no and then simply paste your selection into this new area…and save your image using the Save as option under the File menu.

If you wish to send this through an email then
1) you can simply send this as an attachment by making it an image in the microsoft paint as illustrated above.
2) you can paste it into the email message directly after taking the screen shot…….so in this case, there is not need to paste it into Microsoft paint first and saving it as an image.
3) You can paste it into microsoft word especially when you wish to give some explanations along with the images.

2) Excel’s “Copy Picture” Feature
If you wish to show the whole tab then you can simply take a screen shot as shown above.However, if you only wish to show a selected region in your spreadsheet, then there is a trick available:
Select the area in excel. By holding down the shift key, press the Edit menu and choose
“copy picture” and then simply paste it into MS word, paint or email messages.


If you are using Excel 2007, then you do not even need to hold down the shift key.Simply select the area and go to Paste>As Picture>Copy as picture.

Copy as Picture

The advantage of pasting data as an image rather than directly copying and pasting from excel is that, it adjusts the size of the columns such that everything is visible…..say if you have data till column H and if you simply copy and paste it into word then you may not see all the columns unless you make some adjustments.


Whereas if you first make it an image and then copy it then you would be able to see all the data without having to make any adjustments yourself.


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